Introducing: Tactical Factions!

We are extremely excited to share our new idea with all of you out there! 

Factions, with no greifing?!

Now, we do allow and encourage PvP, Raiding, Use of factions plugin like in traditional faction servers.

BUT, we believe (and could be wrong) that without greifing, a factions map would be competitive, while also an eye stunning map for anyone who joins!

Here is the list of plugins we will have on DoobinMC V.1.0:

  • BetterFurnaces - Level up your furnaces with EXP or In game $.
  • BetterEnchants - Use EXP to buy custom enchants that cannot be found in vanilla minecraft.
  • MobHunter - Adventure based plugin. Small chance of mobs and other players dropping gold. Includes custom made achievements players can earn in game as well.
  • MaskedCrates - This is our voting reward system! /vote to vote and be rewarded with 1 voter crate per vote per day.
  • Chest Shops - Place a chest with a sign to create a store! Sell your surplus to others on the server to make some extra $!
  • /jobs - earn in game money for playing the game!
  • Player Vault - /pv 1 to open your player vault. Useful for large raids when you might not be able to carry everything.
  • Voting Rewards - /vote
  • WildernessTP - Look, we get it. Nobody likes walking for a week just to start playing. So we give players a boost to get out and get going with /wilderness. Enjoy the view....(;
  • /mh bounty - MobHunter's version of the player bounty system. Use to set bounties on players you want disposed of....
  • Factions - (duh)good ole classic /f. Use to create a faction and claim land, as well as a multitude of other faction related commands.

Donor Perks:

I just wanted to make it very clear at the top of this section I (flammendrew) am doing my very best to come up with a custom donor system that is 100% NOT pay to win. If you feel so inclined and moved by our community that you would like to support us that is amazing! But I want to be open with my community. I want you to donate because you want this server to keep running, not because it will get you a diamond (:

Please note this is a Beta rewards system and I would love player feedback on what you guys think of the rewards. If the are too OP please let me know. Likewise, if you think we are not providing enough I am all ears to what you would like implemented. We want this community to be very open. All the way from Owner to your first second logging in. So please, do not hesitate to message me on the discord, @flammendrew, with all your feedback for this section.

As of right now our donor perks include:

  • Extra /pv (Player Vaults)
  • /workbench
  • Leveled up Furnances from our BetterFurnaces plugin
  • [Donor] prefix w/ color and letter customization
  • EXP Levels

Please note we are always working on adding in more features to perfect our servers experience. Please keep your eyes open on here/discord for changes made to plugins and commands you can use IGN. We have just about perfected our core mechanics, but as stated above, are always open to adding in new plugins people think would be fun!

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you on!

-Flammendrew, Server Owner

Server Status

Donation MVP. Thank you!!

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